Mr Andrew Grey
Head Teacher

It is a privilege to welcome you to St Columbkille’s Primary School website. I hope you find the website a useful tool to keep you informed of all the exciting learning that takes place in school and in providing valuable information about our school community.

The website will be updated regularly with important news about life in St Columbkille’s as well as providing valuable links to information and documents that will help enhance the educational experience of your child.

In St Columbkille’s we work hard to ensure that all children are supported and encouraged to develop the skills and attributes which will allow them to reach their full potential now and in the future. Our principal aim is to provide for each individual child the support and encouragement necessary for his/her moral, spiritual, intellectual and aesthetic development within the ethos of a Catholic school.

We have recently created our new Vision, Values & Aims for the school – Together we SHINE (Successsful, Hardworking, Inclusive, Nurturing and Excellent) This vision underpins everything we do and is part of our shared language across the school community.

At St Columbkille’s we value the three-way partnership between home, church and school and the impact this relationship has on your child’s development. We have very strong links with the parish and the parishioners are great supporters of all that we do here, especially at the time of sacramental preparation.

In St Columbkille’s, we aim to provide experiences that are imaginative, creative, stimulating and challenging. Our staff are a dedicated team, who work together to do the best for the children entrusted to their care.

In St Columbkille’s we are aware that the education of your child is a most serious responsibility which you have asked us to share.  We aim therefore, to make school a happy, supportive place where your child will have a broad general education which will support them in developing their values and beliefs and enable them to:

  • Achieve the highest possible levels of literacy and numeracy and health and wellbeing
  • Develop skills for learning, life and work
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of society, the world and Scotland’s place in it
  • Experience challenge and success so that they can develop well-informed views and act responsibly
  • Adopt an active and healthy lifestyle and be equipped with the skills needed for planning future lives and careers.

We aim to promote curiosity, independence and confidence and to encourage all our pupils to work independently, in partnerships and in teams in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect. Our broad and balanced curriculum promotes the aims of “Curriculum for Excellence‟ and our teachers successfully adopt a variety of strategies in order to ensure effective learning and teaching. This is further enhanced by a wide and varied range of organised educational excursions or experiences as well as offering a great number of after-school activities. As a result, our school enjoys a fine reputation for both academic and sporting achievements.

In a caring and well-disciplined environment, our pupils are encouraged to contribute to the life and work of our school and to take on board their responsibilities as members of our school community. As well as key leadership roles within the class, pupils have opportunities to be part of the decision making process through the Pupil Council, the Eco committee as well as the Junior Road Safety officers.

We have very strong community links with Trinity Secondary school, our local primaries and local businesses.

We pride ourselves on the high level of parental involvement in the life of our school and welcome parents to become involved in any way they can and so enhance the learning experiences of our children.

You are very welcome to our school and we look forward to working in partnership with you during your child’s primary school years. We value and appreciate your support as we work together for your child’s future.

I look forward to working with you.

Andy Gray

Head Teacher



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