Coronavirus (Covid 19) Update 11

I hope you and your family are well and safe at this unsettling time.

I would like to give you a further update on the following steps being taken by the school in light of the Coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak.

St Columbkille’s Parish

This week St Columbkille’s Parish will be filming a short video in the church, showing the newly-refurbished frescoes in the Our Lady altar. Fr Bernard will provide a short commentary and Fr Pat will add a brief message for the pupils for the start of the month of May. The video and I will be uploaded onto our website, google classroom etc for the pupils.

Fr Pat and I would also like to encourage pupils to participate in the First Friday Mass being live- streamed at 12 Noon on 1st May. (They are live-streaming Mass every day at Noon.) We are hoping a particular welcome will be given to all the children of St Columbkille’s watching with their parents from home on Facebook or Youtube or via the parish website (details below)

Parish website –

Youtube –

Pope Francis Faith Award (PFFA)

Following guidance received from Josephine Hughes Education Adviser for SCES, namely in the face of early school closures we have been asked to submit our PFFA results based on evidence collected to date and the teacher’s professional judgement.

Our Primary 7 results were emailed to the Diocesian Centre on Tuesday 21st March and we are awaiting a date when we might receive the completed certificates, at which point we will look at distributing them safely to our pupils.


Thank you to the families who have completed the survey below. We are liaising wth our colleagues from South Lanarkshire Council and will contact you shortly about how best we can offer support.

We are hoping to ensure our children have everything they need for their wellbeing and to access continuity of learning at home. As a result, we are looking to gauge which families are in need of a range of supports. If you are needing support in any way please complete the following questions on the link below. The link can also be accessed on our website.

Name of pupil(s)

Are you in need of support in accessing food for you family – Yes/No

Would anyone in your household require free Sanitary products – Yes/No

Do you have access to an IT device – Yes/No

Do you have suitable Internet Access – Yes/No

Do you have enough Physical resources to help with learning e.g. pens, paper, ruler, chalk, paint, scissors, glue, cellotape, whiteboard, etc. – Yes/No

Do you have any other concerns that the school could help with?

P1 Transition

We are heading into what would normally be an exciting term where we would meet our new P1 children and families for 2 transition visits, individual baseline assessment meetings and organise enhanced transition for some pupils.

Due to the school closures this will be significantly disrupted however I would like to reassure parents that they do not need to worry as:

Mr Wedlock, our Principal Teacher, has contacted and visited every nursery to discuss your child and how best we can support them.

The school will receive transition reports about your child from their nursery.

The school has met our Senior Manager of Pupil Support, Frances Swinburne, Support Services Co-ordinator, Chris McDonald, and individual nurseries to discuss how best to support children who require additional support.

A P1 transition tab on our website will be created at the start of May for our new P1 families giving you essential information about the school.

A video tour of the school will be filmed and uploaded onto the website for families to prepare their child for coming to school.

A google questionnaire will be created specifically about transition into primary school to ensure we are responding to any concerns or worries.

All P1 parents will be emailed to ensure they are kept up to date with all school news.

Message for P7 Pupils from Trinity High DHT Mrs McArdle

As I am normally preparing my May visits to see you all, I just wanted to say “hello”. I will miss seeing you all if my visits are unable to take place.

Please do not worry that I will not have all the information about you and your learning as I have ‘loads’ of information already from transition meetings with your teacher and Head Teacher since last August, the S1 Information evening, my November visits to your school, our Science Programme in January, your half-day visits in March and I am continuing to communicate with your teacher and Head Teacher regularly.

For now our transition programme is on hold but if you do not return to school in June we will work out a way to inform you of your new class(es) and other important information for August. So please keep checking your school twitter/website and Trinity’s daily update on Twitter for any further information.

Look after yourself and keep safe

Mrs McArdle

Google Classroom

Thank you for the large number of children and families using Google Classroom. If you have not been using this I would encourage you to access it as every teacher will post daily tasks linked to the weekly timetables on our website. It also allows the children to continue to be part of the school community. Thank you for your support.


Just a little reminder that we are asking that as many children as possible send us a little picture, video, Boomerang or Tik Tok using one of the themes of Shining, smiling, staying safe or being kind . The staff are also going to do this and we will put together a little film of the ‘St Columbkille’s Primary Home School.’ We want to portray to all of the children that we as a school are still ok and happy and bring a smile to their faces!

Can I ask for you to send this by Friday 1st of May to Miss Kennedy at

Stay safe

Andy Gray

Head Teacher

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