Question and Answer 2

Dear parent/Carer,

Please see below questions and answers from last weeks survey.

Question – How can I get help when my child does not understand something that I am helping him with?

Answer – Having no face to face contact or phone availability does present a number of challenges for us all. We want to support you as much as possible and have tried to give you a number of options:

  1. Comment on google classroom and your child’s teacher will be able to support you.

  2. Send Mr Gray (, Mr Adams ( or Mr Wedlock ( an email

  3. Ask in the weekly question and answer google survey.

  4. Access the ASN section of our website for specific guidance.

Question – My financial situation has changed and think I may be eligible for free school meals. How do I apply for them?

Answer – Please follow the link below to the South Lanarkshire Council website which allows you to apply online.

Question –  Once schools are back open to pupils can u please consider for all pupils to return to their original classes with original teacher if possible?

Answer –  Whilst it is our hope that we return to school before the end of the session, every child is in the same position across the country so your child will not be at a disadvantage compared to others. We have accurate assessment information that ensures children are always grouped, supported and challenged appropriately. Please do not worry about this.

Class configuration for next year is a complex exercise and I need to take in a number of factors when putting classes together. We will have a number of staff changes next session with the introduction of a new nursery, staff retirals, staff leaving and new staff being appointed.

If the schools are still closed I will email all parents with their class for next session as soon as it is feasible.

Question – Can the primary 7 move to high school be delayed to allow for transition?

Answer – A decision to delay any transition to high school would be made at a national level as this would impact upon the school capacity and delay the primary one pupils start date. We will monitor the guidance given by South Lanarkshire Council and advise parents of arrangements in due course.

Question – Will work be given over the Easter holidays?

Answer – Weekly timetables will not be issued over the 2 week break. However if you are looking for ideas please continue to use the Home Learning Packs for suggestions and our online subscriptions to Sumdog and Literacy Planet.

Mr Gray and Mr Adams will continue to access their emails over the holiday period and would encourage any family who are experiencing difficulties to contact them directly.

Question –  Can the teachers be contactable for advice via email or telephone or at least have parents evening by telephone to give parents guidance?

Answer –  At the moment we are unable to facilitate any phone or skype calls with individual teachers. This is the same for  every school across the country. As outlined above we are trying to offer as much support and guidance as possible.

Any communication should be sent directly to Mr Gray at:

Question – Can the primary 7s be given their hoodies asap?

Answer – We have a fantastic Parent Council who kindly arrange and supply the Primary 7 leavers hoodies. We have to follow government advice which currently states that you should only travel when absolutely necessary. When it is safe and appropriate for this to happen I will liaise with the Parent Council and we will organise the best way to distribute them to all pupils.

Kindest regards

Andy Gray

Head Teacher

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