Money Matters

The school would like to bring to your attention the Money Matters Service.

The Money Matters Service offers free, confidential and impartial advice about your finances. They can help check your benefit entitlement, assist with the claims process, challenge decisions and represent you at Social Security appeal tribunals.

The service provides information and advice on all social security related benefits, including assistance to complete claim forms. It offers benefit checks to ensure people are receiving their full entitlement and provides a support and representation service to people who have been refused benefits or wish to appeal their claim. The money advice service provides information, advice and representation to people who are experiencing difficulty in dealing with debts including mortgage/rent/council tax arrears, payment of household bills and credit or catalogue debts.

For debt issues they can look at your financial circumstances, contact creditors, discuss options and give budgeting advice; Contact number: 0303 123 1008

The Telephone Advice Line offers a similar service specifically aimed at pregnant women and families with young children; Contact number: 01698 453154

The school can also refer any family to Money Matters to try and access appropriate support.

Please do not hesitate in contacting the school or any of the above numbers should you require assistance or advice


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