Manor Lodge Trip 2020

Manor Lodge Presentation

Manor Lodge Parent Presentation

Lockerbie Manor is in Dumfries and Galloway and is set amidst 78 acres of tranquil woodland and fields inhabited with an abundance of natural wildlife. The centre is superbly located in South West Scotland with easy access from the M74 motorway. It takes about an hour and a half to travel there.

Built in 1814, Lockerbie Manor has a great history and has retained many of the original features with its master staircase, ornate ceilings and wood panelling. Before it was transformed into a country hotel it was the home of the Marquis of Queensberry, who formulated the “Queensbury” boxing rules in what is now the Dining Room.

The accommodation has enough space for up to 240 young people, ranging from bedrooms in the Manor to two eco pod villages. The Centre also boasts a large function room, a fully catered dining room and drying room.

The children will stay in one of the luxury POD Villages and we have found it to be of a very good quality. This is a new concept developed by Lockerbie Manor to offer a luxury camping experience for schools. The children will be accommodated in 4 bedded PODs with heating and electricity, while teachers are provided with their own POD. It has lovely fitted out toilet/shower blocks as part of the village. There was one for boys and one for girls. The children eat in the Manor building.

Before going on the trip children will be asked to provide the names of up to 5 children who they would like to share a pod with and the names of anyone they would prefer not to be with. This is kept private and not shared with anyone apart from the adults. It helps to make sure everyone shares a pod with at least one of their close friends. The Friday before they leave they will be told who they are going to be sharing a pod with and who is going to be in their working groups.

The centre provides the children with an introduction to outdoor pursuits, with each session lasting one and a half hours. The activities the children will be doing are:


Abseiling is where you experience a controlled descent using a rope. This activity took place on a purpose built abseiling tower. Abseiling provides you with an excellent sense of achievement and develops inner confidence. It definitely challenges you to conquer your fears!


The archery sessions are supervised by qualified instructors. Once taught the safety measures required, we learned the skills quickly and developed a sense of achievement. Archery is a great hand eye coordination activity.

Bivouac Building

We learned great bushcraft skills by learning how to build a bivouac shelter using natural materials. Working together, this was a great team work activity.

Blind Trail

On the Blind Trail, the children learn the importance of human senses as they experience being blindfolded. They are asked to complete a range of tasks including an obstacle course and team games. Blind Trail is an ideal activity for team building, developing communication and listening skills.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Under the guidance of our qualified British Canoe Union instructors, the children learn the skills and techniques as a team in the Open canoes or individually in Kayaks. They learn about the risks associated in a water environment and shown how to manage them.

Initiative Exercises

Lockerbie Manor has a large selection of problem solving activities such as shark infested custard, the spider’s web and many more. The initiative exercises are ideal for team building and communication and listening skills. The exercises help the children work together as teams and allow them to show leadership skills, through problem solving exercises.

Jacob’s Ladder

This is a difficult but achievable physical challenge requiring skill, good balance and strength to climb up wooden rungs which become further apart the higher you climb. This activity requires excellent team work and problem solving, from the people climbing and the people holding the ropes below, as they all work together to climb to the top of the ladder.

Manor Olympics

This is where the children participate in fun and games for teams organised by the instructors. The Manor Olympics is an excellent ice breaker for involved everyone, and is an ideal introduction to Lockerbie Manor.


The children are taught in small teams by a British Orienteering Federation qualified instructor to map read, enabling them to locate clues around the centre’s grounds. The orienteering course includes a range of physical and intellectual challenges designed to encourage cooperation and develop problem solving.

Survival Skills

This is a practical introduction to surviving in the wild. In groups the children are taught the 5 basic elements: shelter, warmth, drink, food and rescue. They learn how to build make-shift shelters, set and light fires for warmth, cooking food outdoors, finding their way if they get lost, first aid, and more.

Team Games

Team games were a great way to boost both personal confidence and also foster team spirit and working together within a group. It is also an alternative to outdoor pursuits such as rounders, football, volleyball and touch rugby

Zip Wire

The children climb a platform using a rope ladder before descending via a 70 metre zip wire. This activity promotes courage and determination in a supportive group environment. This fun and exciting activity encourages the children to challenge themselves and give them a real sense of achievement.

What you need to take with you


Here is a list of things you will need to pack – along with a few that are not essential but could be useful. Do not bring any new clothes as they will get very muddy or damaged.


Lockerbie Manor will provide specialised equipment for activities.

Things you need:

  • Luggage – please restrict this to one case to put in the boot.
  • Sleeping Bag & a pillowcase.
  • Torch
  • Toiletries etc (please note NO aerosols)
  • Lots of old clothes for activity sessions – (long sleeved t-shirts / jumpers / sweatshirts, trousers / jogging bottoms (not denim jeans), T-shirts and trainers & socks are required for nearly all sessions so bring plenty as lots of the sessions are wet activities. Clothes, shoes & underwear for other times.
  • Waterproofs (jacket & trousers) for activities.
  • Large plastic bag for dirty clothes.
  • Bath towels x 2.
  • Sun glasses, sun cream and a hat to protect from sun. (we are hopeful!)
  • Pyjamas & slippers.


Useful Notes:

  • The following items are not required and should not be brought to the centre; wellies, demin jeans, electrical items, mobile phones, football strips & chewing gum
  • Please name ALL clothing


Children are given £10 back from the original cost. From this, £6 is used for pocket money whilst on the trip and £4 is kept aside to use at the tuck shop. There is no need to have any extra pocket money.

Next Year’s Trip

The essential details are:

  • Monday 21st until Thursday 24th September 2020.
  • Total cost is £250
  • Deposit of £50 to be paid by 30th of NovemberThe total cost of the trip has to be paid by Friday 12th of June 2020
  • On receipt of the deposit, your child will be issued with a savings card whereby you can pay for the trip in instalments. Staff will collect any monies every Tuesday (please do not send any money on any other day.)

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