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Head Teacher Welcome

Welcome to the first newsletter of session 2019/2020. Please keep this and the enclosed annual planner in a safe place as they both contain lots of information about what is happening in our busy school! I continue to be impressed with the high standards of behaviour and uniform already demonstrated by the children and would like to thank you for your support in this. I look forward to getting to know our new Primary 1 parents and would like to remind everyone that I believe in an “Open Door” Policy. This means that whenever possible I will meet with parents to discuss any issues or concerns regarding your children. However, as I am often in meetings or visiting classes it is always better if you telephone the school first. If I am unavailable then either myself, Mr Adams, the Depute Head Teacher, or Mr Wedlock , the Principal Teacher will get back to you as quickly as we possibly can.

School Planner and other information

An annual school planner for this session will be sent home next week once some final details are confirmed (e.g. First communion date). Wherever possible we have tried to inform you of forthcoming events so that you can make arrangements to attend beforehand. However, there may be occasions where things have to be changed e.g. adverse weather, staff illness etc. Our website is updated on a weekly basis and our Twitter account and school app will post any important news or updates. Please keep the planner in a safe place so that you can refer to it. In addition, I will remind parents of forthcoming events in the school newsletter.

In addition to the planner and newsletter a Health & Wellbeing information sheet, Yearly Church permission sheet, Parent Helper volunteer sheet, Sum Dog and Literacy Planet log in will be sent out next week.


Please find below the PE days for your child’s class for this session.

Room 1 (Mrs Roberts) – Wednesday, Room 2 (Mrs McAteer) – Wednesday, Room 3 (Mrs MacDonald) – Wednesday, Room 4 (Mrs Friel) – Thursday, Room 5 (Mr Wood) – Thursday, Room 6 (Mrs Heraghty) – Monday, Room 7 (Miss Kennedy) – Monday, Room 8 (Miss Hogan) – Monday, Room 9 (Mrs Murphy/Miss McGill) – Tuesday, Room 10 (Miss Rutherford) – Tuesday, Room 11 (Mrs Garrett) – Tuesday

Dangerous Snacks!

In line with other schools I am asking for your co-operation in ensuring that no pupil brings snacks into school that contain nuts. We have a number of children with a severe nut allergy and the best way to avoid any danger to pupils is to ban all snacks containing nuts. In the same way I would ask that you do not send in birthday cakes or sweets when it is your child’s birthday. As we are a Health Promoting School I would also ask that you continue to ensure that your child’s snacks are healthy. Finally I would also request that children do not bring lollipops to school for fear of choking.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Primary 1 Intake

Primary 1 have settled really well and are thoroughly enjoying school. They have been very well supported by their excellent Primary 7 buddies.

Please note that when the Primary 7 children are attending their residential trip our Primary 6 children will assist the children to their lines in the morning.

Mobile Phones

In line with South Lanarkshire Council, I am asking for your co-operation regarding children bringing mobile phones to school. Whilst I understand that there may be a need for some children to bring a mobile phone to school to clarify pick up arrangements etc., I would ask that any child who brings a mobile phone to school switch it off and keep it in their bag. The phone should only be taken out of the bag and switched on when the child leaves school property.

Please only send your child to school with their mobile phone if absolutely necessary.

Children wishing to bring a mobile phone to school must have a completed consent form

School Uniform

I would like to thank you for your support regarding school uniform. Our children look very neat in their new school uniforms with the majority wearing blazers. I have been very impressed with the high standard of uniform and feel that the children are very distinctive to the local community. Can I ask that if your child does not yet have a pair of indoor shoes that these are bought as soon as possible. Children should wear school rain jackets over blazers in adverse weather or black outdoor jackets to match the school uniform.

Primary 7 Residential Trip

Our annual P7 trip to Manor Lodge is now upon us and I am sure the children are all as excited as we are.

On Friday they were told who they are sharing their pod with which caused much excitement!

The bus departs from the school car park at 1pm and parents are more than welcome to be there to wave them off. The children should bring their luggage with them to school in the morning and will have their lunch as normal before we leave. Please ensure your child comes to school dressed for the trip and not in their school uniform. The children will return at 2.30pm on Friday 30th August.

The adults who will be taking care of the children on the trip are: Mrs McGeever, Mrs McKnight, Mrs Garrett, Mr Murphy and Mrs Hoole. I am sure everyone will have a fantastic time whilst away. Please do not hesitate in contacting the school if you need further information

Primary 6

Our fabulous Primary 6 pupils will be our senior pupils whilst the Primary 7 children are away. They are delighted to be taking over monitoring duties and meeting and greeting our new Primary 1 children in the morning.

House Captains, Vice-Captains and House Ambassadors Elections

As our new Primary 7 cohort, I am delighted to offer our P7 pupils the opportunity to apply for one of our House Representative roles within the school and wider school community.

This is one of the most important jobs they can have, in our school, as a Primary 7!

The children are asked to write a short letter, 3 paragraphs, on why they would be an excellent House Representative.

The children might want to talk about:

*Being a Buddy

*How you help any other family members, or how you help others at home/school

*Are you a COOL Officer? You should definitely include this information

*What are your interests? What are your PASSIONS?

*Why would YOU be a great House Captain, Vice-Captain or House Ambassador?

*How do you SHINE at home and in school?

Children have to return their letters to their teacher by Wednesday 4th September

Interviews will then be held on Friday 6th September.


A number of parents have approached the school asking for details about registering their child in our new Nursery. The Nursery is due to open in August 2020.

I am continuing to liaise with South Lanarkshire Council regarding adaptations to our building, staffing, policies and procedures and registration. We are currently not taking any registrations for the nursery however as soon as this changes I will inform you immediately.


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