New Parking Procedures

Due to a high number of parental concerns raised to the Parent Council and myself about road safety in and around the school, a meeting was arranged between South Lanarkshire Council, the Police, Parent Council, JRSO and myself with the intention to put a plan in place that ensures the safety of all the children in the school.

The school has therefore been advised by the police and South Lanarkshire Council to put the following procedures in place:

  • Ensure no cars are parked on the yellow zig zags and keep clear signs
  • Ensure the drop off zone outside the school is used for drop off and go only – PARKING IS NOT ALLOWED
  • Limit parent car parking to the 14 spaces in the overflow car park beyond the playground. Please only use this if absolutely necessary e.g. if you have mobility issues or very young children.
  • The main car park (to the left as you enter the gates) will be limited to staff only.
  • Ensure cars who park in the disabled space have a valid blue badge.
  • The gates to the car park will be closed/managed between 8.50-9.10am and 2.50-3.10pm.


In order to maximise pupil safety around the school I would encourage all families to:


  • Use the crossing on Parkhill Rd, where possible, to access the school.
  • Use the Rutherglen Health Centre car park if driving to school. This is a short 2 minute walk from the school. This helps to reduce the number of cars in the vicinity of the school and leaves parking spaces free for those who really need them.
  • Use our walking bus service. A walking school bus is a group of children walking to school with one or more adults from a designated point. In order to participate, all children using the walking bus must be registered (Please contact school) and the school must have received a signed AV5 form (will be sent home once registered.) Our walking bus arrangements are as follows:


Day Meet Up Point Time Adult Supervisor
Monday Greggs, Burnside 8.30am Mrs McGeever

Mrs Watson

Tuesday Greggs, Burnside 8.30am Mrs McGeever

Mrs Watson

Wednesday Greggs, Burnside 8.30am Mrs McGeever

Mrs Watson

Wednesday Aldi 8.30am Mrs Morton

Mrs Hoole


  • Please be considerate to other road users and our neighbours when parking in the surrounding streets – don’t park too close to corners which reduces visibility for other drivers, don’t park over people’s driveways.
  • Switch off your engine when parked to reduce the air pollution around the school.

I understand that delays can be frustrating, particularly in the mornings, and would ask for your patience and cooperation in ensuring the above is followed. I have made the above decision on the advice of the police and South Lanarkshire Council and would ask that any frustrations you may have, not be taken out on any other member of staff who is present outside.

Our Junior Road Safety Officers have written a special leaflet to encourage more families to Park & Stride which can be found by clicking this here.







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