Weekly News

Magic in Primary 1

Primary 1 have been visited by some mystery guests over the last week. A dragon has been leaving trails of glitter, letters and challenges for the children. This is part of the children’s Interdisciplinary topic which they are enjoying very much.

World of Work

This week has been a very busy week in St Columbkille’s primary as we have had a number of guests speaking to children about their career as part of our World of Work Week.

Guests included the Community Police, a Journalist, NHS staff, Neonatal Nurse and a Dentist. Out senior pupils also participated in our World of Week careers fayre where they spoke to a number of professionals about their career linked to Health and Wellbeing. Children also participated in a number of events throughout the week in clas.

Thank you to all of the children for submitting their WOW homework. Prozes will be given out in the next few weeks.

Pictures of the week are available on twitter.

The week was organised in line with The Career Education Standard (3-18) and Curriculum for Excellence (CFE) there was a strong focus on skills for learning and skills for work. WOW aims to:

  • Inspire all pupils to consider their future ambitions and careers by giving advice and guidance.
  • To ensure that expectations of pupils and parents are challenged by focusing young people’s attention, at an earlier stage, on their career aspirations.
  • To encourage career related and enterprise activities which promote self-esteem and help develop core skills.
  • Help pupils to understand their capabilities and to make informed learning and career choices as they progress through their learning journeys.
  • To assist the school in forging contacts between itself and the local community including employers, training organisations and further education, demonstrating the school’s concern for pupil’s wellbeing and success.

A huge thankyou to Mrs McFadyen for organising the events throughout the week.

Healthy Schools

Schools from across Cambuslang and Rutherglen were invited into the school after our World of Work Week careers Fayre the Health. The purpose was for the Wellbeing professionals to stay behind and build relationships and partnerships with the schools in order to better support children’s Health and Wellbeing across the area. Thank you to all who attended.

Learning Community Moderation

On Wednesday staff from across Trinity High Learning Community met up to discuss how we plan, teach and assess Talking and Listening. The purpose was to ensure there is a consistency of standards across the Learning Community.

Science Transition

Our P7 pupils visited Trinity High on Friday morning. This is part of the transition arrangements for this year. During the visit they worked with members of the Science department and were a credit to the school.

Annual Burns Supper

On Friday 25th of January, the pupils of rooms 13 and 14 hosted our annual Burns Supper. The children were superb and performed tradition Burns poetry and Scottish songs to parents, family members and invited guests.

Well done to everyone involved and a thank you to Miss Toal and Mrs Garrett for organising.

Multi-Cultural Cooking Kitchen

Our exciting Multi-Cultural initiative continued on Friday as our Family Learning Room was overtaken by the smells and sounds of traditional Kenyan Food and Music. The children thoroughly enjoyed sampling the traditional Kenyan dishes which were professionally prepared by Mr and Mrs Nduru and Emmanuel the trained chef. The family were ably assisted by our ‘Multi-Cultural Cooking Kitchen’ team who made today’s focus possible. The children were especially interested in seeing some of our Asian parents working with our Kenyan grandparents to prepare the food. The children also learned to speak Swahili as well as learning about Kenyan culture and traditions. Please check Twitter for pictures and videos, and keep an eye out for a newspaper feature in next week’s local newspapers.

A huge thank you to all involved.

Family Learning

The following programmes are starting over the next couple of weeks. Please contact the school if you would like to get involved. All these programmes are free.

1-Parents Play Too!

What? Meeting once a week, you will be able to explore projects you may have not tried before whilst getting lots of ideas for brilliant activities to do with your children at home. Also an opportunity to talk about any parenting or personal issues you might be having, Informal, friendly and relaxed.

Where? Here in the school

When? Friday 9:00-10:30 (1st, 8th, 15th February and 1st 8th 15th 22nd March)

2-Adult Literacy and Numeracy Club

What? Get support with your own literacy and numeracy, so that you can help your child with their literacy and numeracy homework. Or maybe you just want help with your own basic literacy and numeracy skills. Delivered by a newly qualified adult literacy expert, we will also explore helping develop your child’s ‘Growth Mindset’.

Where? Here in the school

When? Thursday 24th January, 13:00-15:00 for 6 weeks.

3-Healthy Families

What? Healthy Families is a new class for adults and children to attend together. Small changes can make a huge difference to a healthier family. The weekly class is free and will provide the whole family with nutritional information and fun family activities. The one hour class is for children, parents, guardians or grandparents to come along for six weeks to learn about eating healthy and keeping active.

Where? Here in the school

When? Wednesday 23rd January for 5 weeks – 15:00-16:00

3- Cooking with teachers and families.

What? Give practical hands on cooking experiences to pupils, parents and teachers in the school’s family learning room. This will give confidence to teachers, pupils and parents when cooking within the school and at home with their children. Parents are invited to join their children whilst they learn about practical hands on cooking in a session led by Food and Health experts from South Lanarkshire. Parents will be notified in advance of the exact time and date of their child’s cooking session.

When? 31.01.2019-21.02.2019. Once a week for 4 weeks











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