Weekly News 22/06/18

Musical Theatre is a SMASH HIT!

After months of preparation, our pupils proudly presented Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies this week to an outstanding reception from all.  The show continued to build on the excellent reputation our Musical Theatre has for putting on ambitious and highly entertaining production, rivalling any theatre on Broadway!

A massive congratulations to all of the pupils involved who have shown great dedication and commitment and were superb on the night! A big thank you also goes to Mrs Hughes, Miss Toal and Mrs Benson who have given their own time to put on such a wonderful show.

Pictures and videos from the show can be found on the school’s Twitter page.


Classes for 2018/2019 session

Pupils received a letter today which details their class and teacher for next session. The classes will be as follows:

Room 1     Primary 1     Mrs Roberts
Room 2     Primary 1     Mrs Hughes
Room 3     Primary 2     Mrs Friel
Room 4     Primary 2/3  Mrs McFadyen
Room 5     Primary 3/4  Mr Wood
Room 7     Primary 4     Mrs McAteer
Room 8     Primary 5     Mrs Heraghty
Room 10   Primary 5     Miss Coppola
Room 11   Primary 6     Miss Kennedy
Room 12   Primary 7     Mrs Murphy / Mrs Curran
Room 13   Primary 6/7  Mrs Garrett
Room 14   Primary 7     Miss Toal

CCC            Miss Lynagh


John Muir Award


Room 10 have successfully been award the John Muir Award in what is a fantastic achievement for them and our school. Massive congratulations to all of the pupils for their endeavour throughout the year and to Mrs McAteer for all of her hard work.


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