The Incredible Years Parenting Programme


The Incredible Years Parenting programme offers parents strategies to manage children’s behaviours such as aggression, on-going tantrums, and acting out behaviour such as swearing, whining, yelling, hitting, kicking, answering back, and refusing to follow rules.

Using a range of strategies, parents develop skills to help children regulate their emotions and improve their social skills so that they can get along better with friends and adults, and do better at school. It can also mean a more enjoyable family life.

Who is it for?

The programme is designed for parents of children aged 3 years – 6 years old, and children with diagnosed ASD are best to be refereed into Early Bird parenting programme as a first response or Arch South Lanarkshire service.


Set up of the group?

Parents meet as a group for 14 weeks, with two or three trained facilitators. The course involves role plays, home tasks and setting personal goals. Videotaped scenes are also used to encourage group discussion, problem-solving and sharing of ideas. Parents are given handouts, activities to practice with children, and reminder notes to put on their refrigerator or blackboards.


Where and when?

The groups are delivered across South Lanarkshire starting in January/February and August/September every year. A group runs for 2½ hours over 14 weeks and the parents need to attend the whole course.

If you are interested in attending or referring a family, please contact

Cambuslang Family Centre,
5 Johnson Drive, Cambuslang,
Glasgow G72 8JR

0141 646 1008

For more information, visit:


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